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Have more productive conversations with your customers

Engage your customers with chatting apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Google RCS, WeChat, LINE, Zalo, Facebook Messenger and more.

There Are So Many Chat Apps. We Streamline Them All

Whether your customers prefer WhatsApp or WeChat, our API lets you manage them all from one place, so you can have better conversations with more customers.

Send Rich Content

Directly share rich content like photos, videos, screenshots, PDFs, location tags, or files.

Have Real Conversations

Give customers a chance to reply and engage in a conversation with a real person.

Superior Deliverability

Know exactly which messages are resonating with customers on your favorite chatting apps.


Send Rich Content

Give people what they need, when they need it

Sometimes, it’s easier to send a picture or a video than to type an email or fill out a form. Chat Apps let you share rich content like videos or screenshots to help you solve problems faster.


Have Real Conversations

Communication should go both ways

SMS is great for delivering alerts or notifications; not so much for having a real conversation. Chat Apps allow customers to ask questions and provide additional information in a more natural way.


Achieve Superior Deliverability

Notifications with more impact

Read receipts let you know which notifications are getting opened and our fallback system ensures deliverability—all to help your messages have greater results

Choose The Chat Apps Your Customers Want.


Simplify How You Offer Various Channels

Being everywhere your customers are shouldn’t mean managing tons of channels separately. Our chatting apps solutions make it easy to streamline multiple chat apps so you can provide more channels to your customers.

Single Endpoint

No matter which chatting app you use, a single API works for all of them.

Smart Retry

Reroute undelivered messaged to another chatting app to ensure delivery.

SMS Fallback

Undelivered or unread messages will be re-sent via SMS to ensure deliverability.

Automated Content Adaptation

Automatically adapt rich messaging content to various chat app channels.

Read/Delivered Receipts

Use callbacks to see which messages were sent, delivered, or read, and get CTRs on buttons.

Preferred Channel Management

Set a priority order to determine which chat app channels send your messages.

Onboarding Support

Receive hands-on support from professionals for onboarding all chat app channels.

Template Management

Create and submit templates to WhatsApp for approval and manage them in our customer portal

Seamless Integrations to Make Life Easier

Zendesk Support

Already using Zendesk? Our APIs seamlessly integrate multiple chat apps into your existing Zendesk ticketing system to streamline customer communications.


Make your sales software more powerful by having 2-way chat app conversations with leads and customers. We make it easy to integrate chat apps into Salesforce.


Give your customers more options to reach out by quickly and simply integrating their favorite chatting apps with your existing Freshdesk support system.


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