Success Story – Thousands of work-hours saved Success Story – Thousands of work-hours saved engages with their customers through an automated SMS API implemented by 8x8 (then Wavecell) is an online food delivery service, based in Angeles City – the culinary capital of the Philippines. It aims to boost the sales of their restaurant partners through their interactive website and mobile app.


Prior to using 8x8, would manually send messages to individual customers who registered on their site; thus taking up tons of time and effort. The company needed a reliable SMS API that could allow their team to confirm new members into their system and programmatically communicate with current members.

WHY 8x8 WORKS FOR MANGAN.PH gave 8x8 SMS API a test and was pleased with the ease of integration into their platform. They also leveraged on features such as the live and real-time analytics on our platform, as well as the access of downloadable logs in bulk, which helped increase their entire productivity by 25%. Furthermore, the competitive and reasonable pricing that 8x8 offers is key to help to grow!

THE SIMPLIFIED IMPLEMENTATION’s customers are now able to receive messages to confirm and track their food orders – a key factor to achieving better customer experience.

“The 8x8 API was easily integrated into our platform, and we leveraged on the automated messages to help build the credibility and trust of our brand. It is a valuable investment into the future”

Louie Alcantara, Co-Founder of

Alcantara and his team was pleased when they saw a 35% increase in customers satisfaction as they enjoyed instant updates on their order statuses via SMS messages.

The customers of today demand instant and real-time updates, therefore it is crucial that businesses meet these fundamental expectations. Interested to discover how SMS can improve your customer experience? Try out 8x8’s SMS API here.